Support for Vodafone Bati Rewarded

Media Release

Four of Vodafone’s customers were on cloud nine after they each received $2,500.  Mrs. Paulini Ragani of Suva and Mrs. Salote Davui  were at the Vodafone’s headquarters in Tamavua yesterday to receive their cheques while Mr. Ram Goundar of Ba received his cheque at the Lautoka Vodafone Shop.

Mrs. Davui from Navua could not believe her luck as she had never won anything before. She plans to use the prize money in buying things that her family needs. She said “I am very happy and thank Vodafone Fiji as this is the first time I have participated in a competition and actually won”.

Mrs. Ragani who works at FNPF said that she takes part in all the competitions that Vodafone has. She was overjoyed after being announced the winner and plans to use the money to buy a Father’s Day gift for her husband and for her child’s Day Care fees.

Mr. Goundar of Raviravi Ba, was at a loss for words when he found  out that he was one of the winners of the $2,500 prize money and later expressed his happiness and thanked Vodafone. Mr. Goundar added by saying that the money he won will be used to assist him in furthering his education.

The Fiji Bati texting competition started in August where four of Vodafone’s customers are able to win $2,500 each. The month of September will see another four winners and the prize increased to $5,000. Each of the four winners will get to win $5,000 cash which will be drawn every Friday.

In the month of October the stakes gets higher where three customers will win $10,000 each.

Funds raised from the texting promotion will used by Fiji National Rugby League during the rugby league world cup in London.


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