Supporters of sorcery accused Kepari Leniata called to wear red


Advocacy group Leniata Legacy is determined not to let people forget the burning of Kepari Leniata, and its asking people to wear red on Friday as a sign of solidarity and outrage.

Nearly two years ago today the young women was burnt alive on the mainstreet of Mt Hagen, the biggest town in Papua New Guinea’s highlands.Kepari Leniata was murdered after she was accused of being a witch, and her brutal death made headlines around the world.

She was set alight in front of a large crowd of people, some of whom took photos on their phones and posted them on social media sites.Despite the large number of witnesses not a single person has been convicted of her murder, and the PNG government appears to have lost interest in stamping out so-called sorcery killings.

Philma Kelegai says it’s a tragedy no one has been brought to justice.

Source: Radio Australia (ABC)

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