While tap water has resumed on alternative days for those affected by the drought in the Lami/Delainavesi, Vesari/Togalevu, areas they must beware that on average there can be an eight-hour delay before residents will receive water from the tap.

Under the alternative schedule residents receive 24 hours of tap water starting at 10 pm at night on one day, and the next day receive carted water.

Opetaia Ravai, CEO of the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) said the reason for this is that for tap water to flow it must build up pressure.

“Those on the lower end of the affected areas first receive the tap water, reducing the pressure for those on the top.  It was one of the reasons we have started delivery at 10 pm so that by the time many of the residents get up in the morning there is water flowing from the tap,” he said.

Mr Ravai said the WAF continues to monitor the alternative day schedule and reports that it continues to operate as planned.


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