Tappoo Invests At Nadi International Airport


Tappoo Group has now opened its new Tappoo Fiji Duty Free store, and its new restaurant, Bula Bar & Bistro, featuring the internationally renowned Gloria Jeans Coffees at the new renovated departures terminal upstairs, Nadi International Airport.

Tappoo has introduced MAC cosmetics for the first time at Nadi International Airport, following its recent success at TappooCity Suva just two months ago. MAC is at the forefront of fashion trendsetting, suitable for all ages and all races. We are delighted that the travelling passengers from Nadi will now have the opportunity to get a sample makeover at our Departures duty free store. It also features a new modernized Fiji Market concept within the new store. We have embraced the Government’s vision to promote local artifacts to the world.

Our range in the Fiji market section showcases the vast talent that the Fijian people have to offer in their creative artifacts. We are also featuring Apple and Samsung corners in the IT section of our new duty free departures store.

Travelling passengers will be able to buy the latest phones and tablets from Nadi airport. And amongst the Fiji made items, we are also featuring a large area showcasing Fiji Rum. The premium Fiji Rum which features Coconut liqueur, Banana liqueur, and six other exciting flavours will be able to be sampled by travelling passengers. All these new lines are exclusive to Tappoo Duty Free at Nadi International Airport.

The new Bula Bar & Bistro will feature Gloria Jeans Coffees, and some of the finest foods Fiji has to offer, including gourmet pizzas, sandwiches, juices, drinks and more, catering from breakfast time, to late night flights.

With AFL’s vision to modernize the Nadi International Airport, the Tappoo Group has invested in excess of F$10 million in the new stores at Nadi International Airport. The investment in tiling, ceiling, lighting, and fitout, puts Tappoo Duty Free amongst the finest in the world.

The state of the art store looks every bit as good as duty free stores in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, and New York. With shop design architecture from Fiji and abroad, the final products at Nadi International airport is out there for all to shop, eat & celebrate. We are delighted that Airports Fiji Limited had a vision to transform the Nadi International Airport into a modern, elegant looking airport. This gave us the opportunity to invest into a new world class Tappoo Fiji Duty Free store.

Tappoo is delighted to be able to bring to Nadi International Airport departures area, a world class shopping experience for the Fijian people, and the travelling tourists.

Mr Faiz Khan, Chairman Airports Fiji Limited added “We commend Tappoo’s for its immense efforts in delivering world class duty free shopping experience to our international passengers. We are certain that our passengers will be really happy.

We also congratulate Tappoo for the internationally renowned Gloria Jeans coffee products on offer in their Bula Bar and Bistro. Well done Tappoo Group!”


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