Teamwork Needed for Being a Fire Safe family

Caption: Firefighters extinguighing a house fire at Moci Place in Nadawa.


As a fire burns, it heats nearby objects, causing them to ignite more quickly. As such, the bigger, the fire gets, the easier it becomes for the fire to spread.

The best home fire prevention strategy is to ensure that a fire does not start at home.

“The first step to effective fire safety is to ensure that as a family we understand a fire and the dangers associated with it,” National Fire Authority (NFA) CEO John O’Connor said.

“We often underestimate the dangers of a small fire. However, a small fire can turn into a major fire in less than 30 seconds.

A fire smart family knows what to do in the event of a house fire because they have a plan and know how to use it. Furthermore, they work as a team to ensure they proactively identify possible causes of fire and take action to ensure that a fire does not start in their home.

Meanwhile, “NFA needs the support of all home owners in Fiji to ensure prevention of fires,” Mr O’Connor added.

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