CAPTION: From left, Dr. Rohitash Chandra, President His Excellency Ratu Epeli Nailataki and Shelvin Chand. Photo: SUPPLIED.

Suva 5 April 2013, University of the South Pacific Graduation Day. Shelvin Chand, technical coordinator of Software Foundation Fiji, graduated today with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Systems. Besides his university degree, Mr Chand earned a gold medal in recognition of his hard work and scholarly achievements over the last three years. Gold medals are awarded to a small fraction of graduates who have obtained a grade of A+ in most of their courses – in 17 out of 20 courses in Shelvin Chand’s case.

Mr Chand, a fervent technologist, is now studying towards a Master’s degree and plans to pursue doctoral research in computing. “Once you’re satisfied with what you have, you’re bound for failure” he believes. Meanwhile, he will continue his volunteer work at Software Foundation Fiji and at the Mobile Learning unit at the University of the South Pacific where he is developing applications that help students to learn.

Shelvin Chand’s achievement as a graduate and Gold Medalist is significant because it shows the presence in Fiji of promising young scientists who can help to raise the public’s consciousness of technology and its uses. Through his work at Software Foundation Fiji, Mr Chand is committed to promoting awareness of Open Source Software and helping to curb piracy and the monopoly of commercial software companies.

Mr Chand was congratulated at the graduation ceremony by the Vice Chancellor of the University of the South Pacific, Professor Rajesh Chandra, and by the President of Fiji, Brigadier-General Ratu Epeli Nailatikau.

The Software Foundation Fiji is a non-governmental organization aimed at enhancing understanding of information technology, its uses and benefits for communities in the South Pacific. More information can be found here.


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