This Christmas is Family, Togetherness and Love reign supreme with Digicel

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Tuesday 19th November 2013 – Digicel is going harmonious and celebrating family this year with the release of a Christmas song ‘We Are Family’.  It’s a cheerful Pacific themed collaboration between Jamhouse Studios, and forms part of a fully integrated marketing promotion for Digicel this Christmas.

One of the favourite traditions of the holidays in the Pacific is coming together as a family and singing holiday songs and this is a track that friends and families the Pacific over can enjoy together. Lyrics ring true to the important elements, Christmas is about togetherness and celebration, family and belonging.  This song captures the most special part of Christmas for Digicel, it’s all about heart, soul, life, love, and being there for each other – young and old. It’s the way we are together, forever and these are the moments we treasure.

“The holidays, in particular, are a time when people take pleasure in coming together as a family and honoring tradition and spending time with those we love the most, ” said Sheryl Singh, Digicel Fiji’s Head of Marketing.

At Christmas time, families go on small journeys to visit extended family and friends. Many houses are festooned with tinsel, coloured paper, Christmas messages and floral decorations. Music usually filters the air everywhere – Christian, Rap, Pop, Rock, all have a Christmas theme. This Christmas Digicel wants to see all come together and celebrate as a wider Pacific family and this song is the first step.

Composer/producer of Jamhouse studios, Garry Smith worked in partnership with Digicel and Fiji-born composer Peter Maxwell and the collaboration of seven musicians including vocalists to create a wonderful melody.

“When we gather for the holidays, one of our favorite traditions is singing holiday songs, so it’s really significant for me to help compose a song that friends and families can enjoy together and it also makes me feel and stay very connected to the region” explained Smith.

To bring the lyrics to fruition Digicel talked to their many customers to identify the most important elements in the Pacific at Christmas, family was by far the winner. Comments, themes and feedback from this research also fed in to help craft the track. A research was conducted with young and old pacific islanders to identify what the holiday’s mean to them, sharing these moments and the importance of everyone involved – the family.

We Are Family’ will be available to download on Digicel Live or as an inTune by texting SET to 133.

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