Thumbs Up, Digicel Fiji!


October 23, 2015. The Consumer Council of Fiji applauds Digicel Fiji for introducing a promotion that allows prepaid customers to use their free credit to call any network including local and selected overseas landlines and mobiles.

The “Double Up Free Credit To Call Any Network” is good news for the Fijian mobile users as now they will be getting added value for their money.

Digicel Fiji must be commended for this initiative as this kind of service is first for Fiji.
They had also taken the lead role in introducing ‘Data Rollover’ which allows pre-paid customers to use unused data when they re-subscribe to a pre-paid data plan.

Consumers will now be able to top up their Digicel mobile by $6 or more and the double up free credit they receive. Can be used to call and text any Digicel phone, other networks and all landlines in Fiji.

Consumers will be able to use the free credit to call mobiles and landlines in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Malaysia, South Korea and Digicel Pacific mobiles.

This promotion has brought a sigh of relief for many consumers as previously they were unable to use their free money to call any other network or landline either in Fiji or International countries. But with this promotion, they will be able to use their free credit and be in touch with their loved ones especially as we get into the end-of-year festive season.

The Council has noticed an increase in the intensity of competition between the mobile service providers and it is the benefitting consumers. However, we continue to urge consumers to read carefully and understand the terms and conditions and call mobile service providers to ensure information is clear and all disclosures are provided to them.


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