Loata Turagavuli of Muana-i-Ra, Vutia holds onto packs of flour


Loata Turagavuli of Muana-i-Ra village of Vutia district, Rewa, said that government’s provision of food rations following the environmental emergency fishing ban has arrived at the right time.

“It’s been a month now since we’ve been affected by the sewage spill. We’ve respected the one month ban from fishing but that’s our daily living.”

“These rations came at the right time because we were beginning to feel it.

“We went on greens and relied on our plantations for root and cash crops and tried different sorts of ingredients. These supplemented our fish”.

“For most of us that live around Vutia here, our daily income and living is sourced from fishing”.

“Everyone was feeling it. Our prayers were answered at the right time”.


Muana-i-Ra village headman, Irame Tubuna, shared similar sentiments and thanked government for the assistance provided.

He said, “I am deeply grateful to this government for responding to our situation. These rations will provide food for our families and ensure that our school children have decent meals in the coming days.”

Muana-i-Ra, with three other villages in Vutia – Muana-i-Cake, Narocivo, and Laucala – received over 370 food rations from the National Disaster Management Office last week.

The relief operation cost over $28,000 and was funded by the Prime Minister’s Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation Fund.



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