Treasure Island Resort, Fiji Health is Wealth Bonus Scheme


A total of 103 staff on Treasure Island Fiji registered to take part in the companies Weight Loss programme.

The programme was supervised by the Island full time Resort Nurse who also gave dietary and exercise advice.

Every week the staff member who lost the most weight would earn a cheque of $100.

At the end of twelve weeks the person who lost the most weight would earn $1,000.

The total weight loss for all staff over the twelve weeks was 163 kg. This is equal to three 50kg bags of flour plus a five kilo bag of rice a five kilo bag of sugar and three kilos of onions and cassava.

Group General Manager congratulated all those who took part in this programme. Many of those who participated reported feeling more active with less aches and pains. The staff also reported that they were able to breathe easier, walk more freely and had a lot more energy.

The winner of the scheme was Rosie Chong who lost a total of 22 kg over the period.

Rosie thanked the company for the scheme and that it pushed her to participate. Rosie will be putting this money towards her son’s university fees as he will be starting university in 2015. Rosie also announced that she is continuing to lose weight and has set herself a new goal to lose another 20kg.

For more information contact:

Charmaine Tale

Director of Sales & Marketing

Ph: +679 666 1599  Fax: + 679 666 3977

Mb: +679 999 9386

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