Treasure Island was called to assist Animals Fiji in a sea turtle rescue from a private residence in
Denerau. On arrival, three adolescent Green turtles (approx. 10-20 years old) were discovered that
had been kept for at least a week in a chlorinated swimming pool.

Treasure Island runs a turtle conservation program for Hawksbill turtles and have the necessary permits from the Fisheries Department to keep turtles for conservation purposes.

Therefore at short notice it was possible to move some of the baby turtles on Treasure around and make space to provide temporary care to these endangered Green turtles. Despite being very stressed from their ordeal, and not having had any suitable food for some time, they are now getting more active and starting to eat again. On arrival
they had some eye problems, possibly from being kept in a chlorinated fresh water environment, but
these have cleared up now they are back in salt water.

They also had injuries consistent with fishing equipment (nets, lines and hooks) which are gradually healing. The Environment Team at Treasure have weighed, measured and tagged the turtles, and have informed the Department of Fisheries that they are with us. We plan to release them in the next few days now they have had a chance to clear the chlorine from their system and regain their strength.


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