Two cildren latest road fatality cases


Two children are believed to be the country’s latest road victims in unfortunate separate accidents

The first incident occurred at 3.30pm at Delaidamu Road, Naitasiri whereby a vehicle driven by a 29 year old bumped a 6 year old victim who was walking along the side of the road with two friends.

It is alleged the suspect lost control of his vehicle due to the high speed he was travelling. The driver also was allegedly assaulted by nearby villagers after the accident and is admitted at the Nausori Hospital receiving treatment.

Investigations continue.

In the second alleged fatality received yesterday, a 6 year old student was bumped by a bus as he was crossing the road along the Waiqele Airport Road at about 1625hrs.

The victim is alleged to have crossed the road in front of his school bus and was bumped by another bus travelling in the same lane. He was rushed to the Labasa Hospital where he was unfortunately pronounced dead.

Investigations continue.

This is the second incident where a child has been a victim of a road accident after crossing in front of a parked bus.

The police are pleading with parents and guardians to discuss road safety rules and the dangers of crossing in front of parked vehicles as it makes it increases the risk of not being seen by other drivers.

A request also is going out to all members of the public to be on the lookout for similar situations where children are trying to negotiate traffic and assist them in whatever way possible to avoid such accidents from occurring in the future.



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