UniFiji Farewells Mr Joji


The outgoing Director of the Centre of iTaukei Studies in the University of Fiji, Mr Joji Uluinakauvadra was farewelled by the staff of the University at Saweni Campus on Friday, January 9.

He started with the Centre in Semester two, July 2007.

The Registrar of the University, Mr Kamlesh Arya, in his words of farewell highlighted the early days of the University when the founding Director Mr. Filipe Bole had handpicked Mr Uluinakauvadra to take over from him when he joined the Interim Government in 2007. Master Joji then acted   as the Director for Semester 2 before he became a confirmed Director of the Centre from 2008 until 2014.

The staff members of the University who were present had put together a great morning tea with all formalities observed. Master Joji in his speech thanked the Arya Pratinidhi Sabha (APS) for trusting him with the directorship and for employing him.

He thanked the Senate and the Council, both the past and present staff and those that were present for the contributions and support rendered towards him during his service. Mr. Uluinakauvadra advised the staff present to enjoy their work.

The 78-year-old was a teacher, a soldier and a politician. In his final speech, he stated that whilst lecturing the Law students at the Suva campus in 2014, he realized he could not stand up to write. He decided there and then that he had to end his teaching career at the end of last year.

During his handing over of the keys to the office of the Centre of iTaukei studies, he advised the Interim Director to be strong and continue with the vision and mission of the Centre and achieve their goals.
Mr Uluinakauvadra advised Mrs Salome Rokuta and Mrs Amelia Tuilevuka to uphold the   vision, mission and goals of the Centre in their daily work.

He then prayed for the staff and the Centre before he finally closed the door to take his leave. He was accompanied to his transport by the two ladies where he finally bid them farewell.



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