Uprising 7s team to do better


Uprising 7s can still do better even though they ended their first day with 2 wins out of 3 matches in Churchill Park, Lautoka today.

Coach Rene Munch said he believes the boys can still do better in their performance.

“I have been happy with all wins we had today, a win is a win, but I am not happy with their performance today,” he said.

Munch also said the boys are looking forward to play better tomorrow.

Also making a name for himself in his home ground was former national 7s rep Metuisela Talebula who has been darting his way through players to set up tries for their team.

“The games were really good and I am really happy to be back playing here again,” he said

Talebula also said he is not aiming for a spot in the national 7s squad as he will be going back to France.

The Uprising 7s team kick started their first match by defeating the NZ Emerging team with 21-19, following the win over URF Army with 19-10 and lost their last match against FMF Fiji Warriors, 24-12.

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