Vendors and taxi drivers continue business despite rise in water level

Caption: Khasmir Singh (middle) at his bean cart at the bus stand today. Photo: MARGARET NAQIRI.


Nadi Bean Cart vendors and Taxi drivers continue their business operations despite the rise in water level in town today.

45-year-old Khasmir Singh has been operating his bean cart business for the past five years, says that the flood is an issue but he is more concern of providing for his family.

“This is my bread and butter for the family, and this rainy season is really affecting us since we are paying for the rent to come and sell here, and now it’s flooding,” he said.

61-year-old Taxi driver, Mohammed Hussein. Photo: MARGARET NAQIRI.

61-year-old Taxi driver, Mohammed Hussein. Photo: MARGARET NAQIRI.

Meanwhile, 61-year-old taxi driver, Mohammed Hussein said it’s difficult to deal with customers during this kind of weather.

“It’s really hard to operate business during this weather, when the customers wants us to take them to a place where it’s flooded, and it’s hard to explain to them.”

“When it’s rainy, the business goes down and because of the traffic jam and flooded areas, we are stuck,” he said.

According to MINFO, Those living in the Western Division, especially those living in low lying areas, are forewarned to take appropriate precautionary measures and to closely monitor the current situation and keep listening to radio for further development.

Heavy rain is expected to continue through to the weekend.

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