Families grateful for TC Evan recovery homes

Caption: Nadi District Officer, Peni Koro with Semi Mua’s family outside their new home. Photo: VARANISESE NASILASILA.


Vatutu villagers of Nawaka, Nadi witnessed the dreams of two families being answered, after their TC Evan recovery homes were being officially handed over by the Assistant Roko Nadi, Pio Loco, yesterday.

Speaking to the Jet Newspaper, Turaga ni Koro, Nevote Laudola said the opening of the two homes will be a memorable occasion for them.

“I am very grateful to the government, the Division Officer of Nadi, and all the people that had made this day possible. After the hardship we went through during the cyclone, this is actually a relief and a happy occasion,” he said.

The two relief homes are located opposite to each other in Vatutu village.

Owner of one of the homes, 40-year-old farmer, semi Mua said his prayers have finally been answered and is glad to finally have his own place to live in after the TC Evan had completely destroyed his home, late last year.

“After the cyclone I faced a lot of problems, I am thankful to what the government has done for us today, words can’t describe how happy I am about my new home, he said.

Also sharing the same experience, Nacani Nayaravoro said he is also glad about his new place.

Originally from Tavuki in Kadavu, the 43-year-old farmer had to cater for his family during the cyclone.

“During the cyclone, I had to make sure that my family was safe and well. So before the cyclone had taken place, I had to make sure that our food was well stock. I also cater for my mother who lives down the road, I come back from the farm, and go and cook her dinner and come home,” he said.

Also present at the opening of the two homes, District Officer, Peni Koro said it is a proud moment for the families and also the government, after the difficulties everyone went through during the cyclone.

“Today marks the relief of both the families and the government, after the destructions the people witnessed during the cyclone Evan,” he said.

Turaga ni Koro later adds that there are three more relief homes to be built in the village.

“Total number 21 houses were damaged by the cyclone, but five were completely damaged and the rest are partially damaged,” he said.

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