Vinod Patel bids farewell to interns

Caption: Management of Vinod Patel, French Ambassador H.E Mr. Gilles Montagnier with other delegates of the French Embassy at Vinod Patel’s Head Office in Laucala Beach Estate. Photo: SUPPLIED. 

Wednesday 23 October – Vinod Patel & Company Ltd, together with the French Embassy hosted students from Wallis and Futuna at a farewell function earlier this week. Eighteen students from Matuku High School had a unique opportunity to do a 3-week internship at Vinod Patel’s flagship Centrepoint XL store in Laucala Beach Estate.

French Ambassador, H.E Mr Gilles Montagnier, who also attended the farewell function thanked Vinod Patel for the wonderful initiative and looked forward to the partnership in 2014 and beyond.

“For the last 3 years, over 50 students have participated in Vinod Patel’s internship programme and this has benefitted the students a lot, thanks to the generosity of Vinod Patel and Company Ltd and the dedication of the Programme Coordinator & Export Manager, Mr. Momlesh Chandra,” said Mr. Montagnier.

He added that the internship was a great success involving three partners; the French Government through the French Embassy, the territory of Wallis and Futuna and Vinod Patel, a private company.

Matuku High School intern Akilano Marilyne stated, “The internship programme has benefitted me a lot and I really enjoyed my stay here in Fiji. I learnt some new skills and this will be helpful when I finish my studies and enter the work force”.

Export Manager and Coordinator of the Internship Programme Mr. Momlesh Chandra stated, “The programme was a success as the students achieved a lot in terms of learning about Fiji’s business environment, its culture and its people.  The students received ‘on the job’ experience and this is something that they really liked”.

He thanked the French Ambassador and other delegates of the French Embassy for their involvement in the programme and looked forward to their partnership in the future. He also applauded Vinod Patel’s initiative of training the students so that they become responsible citizens.


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