Vodafone ATH Foundation reaches out to rural schools

Caption: LEFT Dr Brij Lal, PS Education receiving mEducation Toolkit from Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation Director and Team. Photo: SUPPLIED.

The Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation handed over 5 mEducation toolkits to the Permanent Secretary of Education, Dr Brij Lal at the Macuata Bua Headteachers conference.

Vodafone mEducation is now reaching rural schools and is trying to providing internet connectivity in primary and rural schools.

“The Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation’s mEducation project has now reached 35 schools in Fiji (North, Central Easter and Northern). For example Coqeloa Primary, St Augustine Primary, Boubale Primary, Naduna Primary, Waiqele Primary, etc now using mEducation sets as teaching-learning tools. 5 to 10 other schools will benefit in next two quarter in primary schools where there is 3G connection, this includes schools in Savusavu and Bua,” said Dr Lal.

“The mEducation sets comprise of an internet accessing web-box, a computer screen, VGA converter, connectors, and speakers. This kind of technology would help empower teachers and students to access more information. The teachers can now download information, five times more data, and carry this package from one classroom to another with project information on the white board for all children to see and hear.”

“The mEducation toolkit, which allows for online accessing of approved educational sites, is benefitting more than 9000 students in primary schools.”

“mEducation is a Mobile for Good Programme that uses our technology and network to empower student and teachers with the necessary tools to make a difference in the World,” stated Dr Lal

Foundation Executive, Ambalika Devi said that the mEducation toolkit can be used by the teachers as teaching aid, e.g show students in basic science class how the heart and the liver works, what food students need to eat, types of exercises and living a healthy life style to reach their full academic performance . The students can also use the internet connectivity to find out where Europe is on World map and many other purposes that addresses the needs of students and their teachers.

“At the heart of our Foundation is the belief that mobile communication technology can address some of the Fiji’s most pressing humanitarian challenges and our responsibility is to utilise our people and our technology to multiply impacts and in turn mobilise social change and improve people’s lives”, said Ambalika.

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