Vodafone Fiji Aids Kidney Patient


TWENTY – SEVEN year old Shaneel Chandra had a normal life with a job at the Nadi Airport but all changed suddenly when he was diagnosed with Acute Renal Failure.


Shaneel did not know of his medical situation until he got really sick and went to the doctors.  He is currently on dialysis support and is in urgent need for a donor for kidney transplant which will cost him $75,000. The first three months of dialysis is covered by the Ministry of Health. However, Shaneel would have to bear the cost of the dialysis after that.  He has to go for dialysis three times a week which will cost him more than $600 weekly.

Concerned about the young man’s plight, Vodafone Fiji’s Senior Finance Officer, Ms. Shereen Chand came to the aid of Shaneel, managing to collect $1,770 through her colleagues and network of friends.   Vodafone Fiji Foundation, contributed towards Shereens’s efforts by giving another $1,000 to take the total to $2770. “Vodafone Fiji Foundation always supports the initiatives of staff in assisting the needy”, said Foundation Executive Ambalika Devi.
“Shaneel is the only son and his parents are really worried given his medical situation said his uncle Pundit Brij Raj Maharaj. We are thankful for Shereen and Vodafone Foundation to assist Shaneel and the family in our hour of need”.
Meanwhile, the Chandra family is pleading with members of the public to assist them with donations until they find a donor. Pundit Maharaj said people wishing to donate any money towards his medical treatment can call on 9963016.
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