Vodafone Foundation reaches Cakaudrove schools

Mosese Salakibulu, the Manager for Nasavusavu District School, was a delighted man yesterday when the Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation team visited the school to carry out a needs analysis exercise.

The Team addressed the teachers of school to investigate the challenges of modern day teaching and Foundation Executive; Ambalika Devi spoke to the teachers about child issues, innovative learning technology, youth empowerment and health issues pertaining to a conducive learning environment.
mLearning has become a global phenomenon whereby the uses of technologies have improved educational development in many countries. The Internet is often seen as a value-neutral tool that potentially allows individuals to overcome the constraints of traditional elitist spaces and gain unhindered access to learning. It is widely suggested that online technologies can help address issues of educational equity and social exclusion, and open up democratic and accessible educational opportunities. The national governments and non-governmental agencies who fund educational endeavors in developing countries have advocated the use of new technologies to reduce the cost of reaching and educating large numbers of children and adults who are currently without technology utilities in this modern day world.
“The reason for our consultations is to encourage public participation processes whereby stakeholders examine the needs and desires of a community and identify essential elements of basic and secondary education can be adapted and implemented in many types of communities. Seeking the opinions of parents and workers to shape the education of their children will be a totally new idea in some cultures. Although community consultation and other forms of public participation can be effective tools, they should be introduced slowly and in accordance with local traditions and cultures where they have not been used previously, said Ms Devi.”
“The involvement of village youths in building a better education environment is mandatory for inclusive community and educational development,” said Devi.
The Manager of the school was thankful to the team for coming in for the needs assessment on a single invite after stakeholder consultations in Savusavu, hosted by the Savusavu Town Council on the eve of Vodafone Savusavu Carnival. He is optimistic that the Vodafone ATH Foundation will be the vehicle for educational change in Nasavusavu District School and other schools in the Cakaudrove Province.
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