Vodafone mFitness visits village

Vodafone Cup reigning champions Sabeto Roosters during its fundraising at Sabeto Village were paid a surprised visit by mFitness on Thursday evening. Villagers were reminded the importance of being fit and healthy. Jack Yanuyanudrua imparted the awareness of leading  a healthy eating behavior for general wellness and regular exercise.  More than 150 villagers were present  at the village green when Vodafone Foundation executive Ambalika Kutty together Yanuyanudrua addressed the villagers.

Villagers were reminded to minimize their consumption of junk food that many find easier to serve when hungry.  Yanuyanudrua stressed the inexpensive and nutritious vegetables  are natural way of keeping healthy and fit. He reminded them to steer away from processed food as it contains lots of preservatives and additives that deteriorates our health and can lead to ill health such as liver, kidney heart problems. This change in eating behavior would save the next generation he said.

He pleaded to Sabeto villagers to engage in physical activities as many who are not active in sport do not spend time in any such activities. A 30 minutes walk is a simplest form of exercising. Yanuyanudrua said the future of the health of the next generation was in the hands if the present one. He therefore challenged them to make the changes not only for the future of the next generation but for the present as well. mFitness has therefore pledged to assist the villagers in setting up a fully equipped gym for the people of Sabeto.  Eating right is the pre requisite that augers well with training said Yanuyanudrua.

Vodafone mFitness aims to   improve the state of being physically and mentally sound, especially as the result of exercise and propernutrition that is suitable to the adaptation of Fiji’s environment. mFitness *797# aims to change eating behaviors that compliments the training output and brings about holistic change in life. It also aims to reflect wellness and how one feels about life as well as one’s ability to function more effectively. Holistic fitness is about being active and steering people away from fear that they cannot train, are lazy and there is apprehension that the result/outcome will not be positive.


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