Vodafone has considered favourably the request by Consumer Council to reduce the minimum e-ticketing card top up amount from $5.00 to $2.00.  In fact Vodafone had also been getting feedback from its registration teams deployed around the country on the consumers’ feedback on the minimum top up amount.  Accordingly, Vodafone had been working with its distributors and top up agents in an effort to reduce the minimum top up amount to around $3.00.

However, after receiving the feedback from Consumer Council today wherein they have suggested that the minimum top up to be reduced to $2.00 given the hardship faced on the ground by the poor, Vodafone is happy to go with along with Consumer Council’s recommendations.  Accordingly and effective from Wednesday 8th May, e-ticketing card holders will be able to top up their cards with a minimum amount of $2.00. Given that one stage fare on the bus is 70c one way and $1.40 return, the $2.00 minimum top up is the lowest we can go.  We are happy to make travelling with e-ticket more affordable and easier for the travelling public.

For information contact: Shailendra Prasad (Vodafone) Mob. 9998151

About Vodafone Fiji:
Vodafone Fiji Limited is part of Vodafone Group Plc, a leading mobile communications company with over 350 million proportionate customers worldwide. Vodafone Fiji which is a partnership with Amalgamated Telecom Holding Fiji provides mobile telecommunications services to over 650,000 Fiji customers. The global company has equity interests in 26 countries and partner networks in a further 33 countries, the largest global footprint.

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