It has been brought to our attention that some customers on our network have been of late receiving text messages from unknown overseas phone numbers asking them to call those numbers to claim their prizes or collect their financial reward.

The messages read “Urgent, your last chance to win”, or “Call me back, urgent, please” and “Finally: you will receive your cheque de $90,000, call for free to see the place of receipt”. Some international numbers that have been traced as origins of these messages include +25229722106 and +2522973150.
Vodafone wishes to advise that these are hoax messages sent with an intention to defraud the subscribers.  We advise all our customers not to call or text any unknown international number unless they are sure these are genuine messages.  Call and SMS to these numbers attract heavy charges and could eat away your phone credit very quickly.
We continue to block such international numbers that have been identified as the origins of these hoax messages.  However, despite our actions to prevent customers receiving texts from these numbers there is still a possibility that the scam operators could use other mobile numbers from other networks from the originating country and continue sending such hoax messages. These messages have been traced to originate from networks in the European and African region.
We would like to advise the customers that these hoax messages are NOT issued by Vodafone Fiji’s Network and we urge our customers to exercise caution and not to partake in responding to any messages from unknown sources and parties.
For more information, call our toll free customer care line 123 or contact Mr. Shailendra Prasad on 9998151.
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