Most of Fiji remains as normal.


On Viti Levu;


Water delivery to all customers remains normal.

Rural areas and the outer-islands continue to experience water shortages and the Authority is working closely with the Commissioners Western and Central who are delivering free carted water to those areas affected.


Water delivery to all customers remains normal.

On Ovalau

Levuka tap water continues to be restricted to lower areas while water carting is provided on upper levels because of low water pressure.

On Vanua Levu

Labasa continues as normal except in elevated areas with low water pressure which require water carting as needed.

Savusavu customers continue to receive tap water but only during the daytime to conserve water where yield has been reduced.

Free water carting continues for those living in the rural areas that are experiencing water shortage. The Authority is working closely with the Commissioner Northern to supply water to those affected in the rural areas.

On Taveuni

A temporary supply in the Southern Coastal Taveuni has been restored due to heavy rainfall over the weekend.

Water carting continues in the remaining elevated areas as the Authority works to install three desalinization plants later this month which should satisfy that area’s water requirements.

However, for Northern Taveuni some areas are still facing intermittent supply.  Water carts are in operation for Northern parts of Taveuni.


With the drought expected to continue in the coming months it is important that you use your water wisely.  Please share this message with the community. 

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