WAF staff get trained on GIS Web Application-“ENLIGHTEN”

CAPTION: WAF General Manager Customer Services, Ms Fane Vave briefs the meter attendants.                       

The Water Authority of Fiji in a bid to capture and locate all its assets introduced the Geographical Information System (GIS) Web Application- Enlighten in 2012.

This is now widely used by WAF employees which enables them to capture all WAF assets throughout the region namely water meters, water pumps, wastewater pumps, water treatment plants, reservoirs and water pipes.

This week, close to 30 meter attendants were trained by the GIS- Enlighten Team on how to locate water pipes for new meter connections and water meters for replacements and disconnections.

According to the participants, the training would help them to conduct detailed data analysis enabling greater consistency and efficiency in their field of work.

With GIS-Enlighten knowledge and skills, meter attendants would also be able to better enhance their provision of decision making whilst obtaining precise information from the ground.


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