Caption: Outrigger Fiji rugby team with training vets donated by Tau Sports.


Michael Cheiker, coach of the Super XVs New South Wales Waratahs has shared some of his winning rugby coaching tips with the Outrigger on the Lagoon · Fiji staff rugby team ahead of their quarter final game this weekend.

Cheiker who is on holiday at the resort with his wife and four kids spent Tuesday afternoon with the team teaching them ball handling and scoring close to the line techniques.

Mr. Cheiker jokingly stated that the Outrigger team coach wouldn’t let him out of the room for the day if he wasn’t going to have a run with the team.

“This is my first time in Fiji. I’ve played with and against many Fiji boys and I’ve never been to Fiji and its very good here”, Mr. Cheiker stated.

“I had a run with the boys. They have a big match on Saturday and I’m going to go watch the game. It’s going to be good fun and I’m looking forward to it”, he said.

“I was only with them for a short while but it looks like they’ve got some talented players like everywhere else in Fiji”, Mr. Cheiker continued.

“I just think it’s fantastic. I knew that the boys in Fiji love their rugby but I didn’t know they loved it this much. From the first minute I arrived someone knew who I was and I didn’t even think anyone would know me. I know they know the players but I didn’t think they knew me. But it’s great! It’s a beautiful game and the way Fijians play is just beautiful both in 15s and 7s and I’m looking forward to watching more rugby this weekend”, he added.

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