Window Tinting And Unauthorized Vehicle Lighting


The Land Transport Authority is advising Fijians on the need to abide by the vehicle tinting and vehicle lighting regulation.

LTA says tinting of the front window should not be more than 30 percent dark while the rear and side window not to be more than 40 percent.

The Authority has also noted an increase in unauthorized vehicle lighting.

LTA adds the fitting or modification of vehicle lighting which deviates from the manufacturer’s standard specification is prohibited.

It says the display of coloured lighting fitted on the front sides, roof and rear of any vehicle is not allowed, neither is the fitting of any flashing, strobe or rotating beacons permitted other than on approved vehicles.

The Authority explains this is necessary for ensuring public security and to dissuade criminals from using vehicles with excessive window tints where they are conveying illegal material such as drugs, weapons, contraband and stolen goods.

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