Delegates at the 17th World Meteorological Congress in Geneva.


The WMO Representative and President of Regional Association V (RAV) presented a regional report of the activities of the regional group.


President David Grimes, the delegate from Indonesia, spoke on the operating plan and including the planned upcoming regional seminars in Fiji, in November, for Working Group for RAV of the WMO, and for the WMO Regional Directors’ Forum.


The RAV has been active in training and capacity building in the region, and has formulated to the Jakarta recommendations on aviation meteorology and safety.


These recommendations included a recommendation to strengthen partnerships with relevant stakeholders, and to sustain quality communications in Climate Services.


The RAV also funded a tropical cyclone specialist mission to Vanuatu, post Vanuatu’s tropical cyclone disaster, after a request was made for such expertise from the Government of Vanuatu which included a representative from the Regional Specialised Meteorological Centre.


The experts made eleven (11) recommendations for improvement in Vanuatu’s response to tropical cyclones and to weather based disasters.


The WMO RAV identified four priorities for the region, specifically, better Telecommunication infrastructure and coordination, improving the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS), improving training programmes on response management and a better focus on aviation meteorology.


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