Women Dominate Pharmaceutical Sector


Minister for Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation, Hon. Mereseini Vuniwaqa officiated at the Fiji Pharmaceutical Society Annual Convention last night and commended the niche created by women in the sector.

“It is even more overwhelming that a primary healthcare sector such as pharmacy, is dominated by women today while some 25 years ago, it was mainly a  dominated sector,” she said.

“I was very excited to learn that about 70 percent of pharmacists in Fiji are women of various backgrounds working as employee pharmacists, educators, regulators and just over 50 percent of the pharmacy owners are again women with the first woman wholesaler also making her mark.”

She said it was hard to overlook that women had established themselves not only as distinguished primary healthcare providers but also, as respected business people done through sheer determination and hard work.

With the theme, Dermatology: More than Skin Deep, Minister Vuniwaqa noted that as accessible health care professionals, pharmacists were in a key position to educate patients about appropriate skin care and the necessity of moisturizing.

“When counseling patients, pharmacists should take the opportunity to increase awareness about the importance of a daily skin care regimen and educate on the consequences of not taking care of their skin.”

The Minister noted the growing recognition of pharmacists’ role in dermatology and the need for a more collaborated approach with doctors and nurses, to benefit patients with acute and chronic skin conditions.

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