Women Empowered Book Launch of “A Women’s Guide to Having it All Now” By Ritu Sethi

The eternal puzzle, “how to have it all”, is rarely away from our minds for long; juggling work, family and the frequently forgotten “ourselves” is ironically one many of us just don’t have time to put together!

In the hope of coming someway closer to finding the answer to this perennial dilemma and fittingly during International Women’s Week, Women Empowered launched “A Woman’s Guide to Having it All Now” By Ritu Sethi at Bright Courtyard Club in Baker Street on Wednesday 6th March 2013.
The launch was attended by nearly 200 people including Seema Malhotra Member of Parliament for Feltham and Heston who is also a Champion of Women Empowered, heard the journey of Ritu Sethi, a woman, daughter, sister, wife, mother, successful career women, solicitor and partner in her own law firm and public speaker, who has found time to balance her working and family life and at the same time not neglected her personal ambitions and goals

Ritu SethiRitu Sethi, who has won many awards and accolades for Law and Business, shared her personal real life experiences, from overcoming professional hardships by remaining resolute and determined and not accepting failure to what she believed were the secrets to a healthy marriage. Ritu has based her book on a “Wheel of Life” that helps one to put perspective, focus and balance to various key aspects of life. Ritu stressed that if more women became leaders in their chosen fields and thought leaders, then more women would benefit from getting the balance right and staying longer in the workforce. She went on to say that it is for our generation to make the difference and change the power dynamics to reflect equality.
Through listening to Ritu’s story the women and men present found affinity and applicability to the concepts she extolled and through her words and vision maybe they too could learn to find what having it all really means to them and how to achieve it for themselves. Sadly there isn’t a simple cookie cutter solution for us all but learning from the experiences of others opens doors and a new level of possibilities and ideas for us to build upon.

Women Empowered (WE) is a social grass roots initiative which takes topics that are salient to women and aim to create an evening of discussion, inspiration and motivation around that topic. They work with enabling partners to take that vision to the next level by putting them in touch with organisations that can nurture their ideas and mentors who can assist in achieving those goals.
WE aims to empower women to make the best of their individual skills and talents and help them to achieve whatever personal and professional goals they may have.
WE aims to provide women with a forum, a platform and a network where they could find support, mentoring and inspiration to try and get out of life everything they want or make a difference to themselves as they feel is needed. – whatever that special thing is, it is the thing that makes the difference to your life as you see it.
A Woman’s Guide to Having It All Now by Ritu Sethi, is available for £9.99 on Amazon.com, Kindle, Waterstones. It has been nominated for “The Most Motivational Book of 2013” by the Indo British Business Forum.

Images courtesy of Sonny Sehgal and Raj Bakrania.


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