Government’s commitment to empowering women’s groups in villages and settlements are proven in the efforts of women wanting to take part in craft shows and expos.

Officially closing the Bua Women’s Craft Show in Nabouwalu yesterday, Commissioner Northern Jovesa Vocea congratulated the 53 women, who were announced winners at the craft show.

Mr Vocea said these women will be given the opportunity to be part of the National Women’s Expo in October this year.

“I believe that Government’s effort to empower women’s groups in every division, village and settlements is coming to fruition and the women are voluntarily showcasing their talents in such events,” Mr Vocea said.

Mr Vocea said Government had been opening resource centers in villages and areas where they know that women can make use of their talents and earn income for their families.

Mr Vocea urged women not to neglect their responsibilities at home.

“Mothers, daughters and sisters do not forget your responsibility at home to your children, husbands and family as a whole,” Mr Vocea said.

He also advised the men of Bua to support women in such events because this was a way to generate income for their families.

“Men must now understand that most of the developments that government is trying to embark includes women as a crucial part of this development process.

“They are voicing what they need for the people and their villages. These women are part of economic development for our nation,” Mr Vocea added.

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