The evolution of digital advances and methodologies in education will continue to change in a more rapid way, says the Public Service Commission Deputy Secretary, Mr Iliesa Lutu.

Mr Lutu made these comments at the opening of the Colombo Plan Staff College in-country workshop on ‘Web-based Teaching and Learning System in Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET)’ in Suva this afternoon.

The week-long workshop, which started today, is seeing the participation of 28 participants from the Ministry of Education, Government’s Information and Technology Computing Service Department, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Strategic Planning.

“We will also learn to apply the emerging trends in e-learning. In the end,  the participants would be able to customise their own learning management system”.

While the objective of the workshop is to enhance and apply the e-learning trends amongst the participants, Mr Lutu said that it will enable participants to customise their own learning management system in their various institutes.

“These developments in the field of communication and information technology have fostered knowledge distribution and accessibility, never before achievable. The use of ICT to support the creation of dynamic and interactive teaching and learning methods is becoming more commonly used in our educational institutions around the world,” Mr Lutu said.

“Education around the world is experiencing major paradigm shifts in educational practices under the umbrella of ICT-enabled learning environment.

“These add value to the learning environment and render smooth transition to a knowledge-based society,” Mr Lutu added.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Education’s principal education officer (TVET) Mr Tomasi Naborisi said the workshop would enable them to be familiar with e-learning and incorporating the knowledge gained into curriculum development.

“The Education Ministry is slowly moving towards e-learning. The One Laptop per Child program was launched recently and there are a number of schools that have opened up computer labs and are connecting to the internet.

“There will come a time when the ministry would put materials on the web that will be accessible to schools. So it is important that most of these officers, who are curriculum developers, be exposed to web-based learning and web design,” Mr Naborisi said.

The workshop is facilitated by Colombo Plan Staff College’s (CPSC) IT officer, Mr Felix Sibal.

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