World Supermodel Fiji is proud to announce our World Supermodel Fiji 2014 Caroline Louise Diston Rabukawaqa


Caroline Louise Diston Rabukawaqa. Photo: FOTOFUSION PHOTOGRAPHY

Caroline is of British Fijian descent  with maternal links to Sawaieke , Gau .Having celebrated her 21st a couple of weeks ago she is taking on the big challenge of representing Fiji , showing the Fijian Hospitality and at the same time learn from the other girls and have a taste of the life back in their respective countries.

When asked what her reaction was after being named World Supermodel Fiji she replies “Slightly shocked but I’m pretty excited for the experience and opportunity to represent Fiji”.
“Caroline brings a lot of confidence to the table and out of the many who showed interest she stood out”, says World Supermodel Fiji National Director Asvin Singh.
World Supermodel pageant 2014 will be at the Pearl South Pacific from from the 2329th of November and will live streamed online with the US based “Go Indie TV”.
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