Youths of Yaqeta Village in the Yasawa Islands were this week urged to  practice lessons learnt during a week-long Youth Empowerment on Farm and Land Management Training.


In closing the empowerment training, Minister for Youth and Sports Hon. Laisenia Tuitubou called on youths that attended the workshop to ensure that government’s efforts in providing avenues for youth development were put to good use.


“Government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports has brought this empowerment workshop to your shores so the onus is now on you to put into practice all that has been taught to you because if you fail to administer all that you have learnt during the workshop, then that would mean the empowerment training was all for naught,” Minister Tuitubou said.


“Ensure that Governments’ resource which was spent in bringing such workshops to your maritime community is worthwhile and I call upon youths of Yaqeta to fully utilize the resources that is in abundance on the island to ensure your development.”


Minister Tuitubou said that the ministry would closely monitor the development of youths on the island and that he was looking forward to their progress.


“I am optimistic that when we return to Yaqeta in October, we will witness the revitalization of your village youths as a direct result of this empowerment training,” he said.


“We are resource rich but on the other hand are money poor therefore I call upon you to effectively implement all that you have learnt to generate revenue for yourselves,” Minister Tuitubou added.


Meli Cava of Yaqeta Youth Club thanked the ministry for bringing the training to the island as it was one such workshop that had been requested by them during a previous consultative visit by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.


“After the end of this empowerment training, we have been greatly enlightened on how best to use our resources and I am thankful to government for this valuable training,” he said.


“Through the conducting of this farm and land management training, it indicates to us the youths of maritime areas like Yasawa the commitment and care the ministry has for young people,” added Mr Cava.


Minister Tuitubou also spoke to students of Yaqeta Village School whereby he reiterated the importance of education and government’s commitment to the education sector.


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