Caption: Hon. Minister for Youth and Sports Mr Laisenia Tuitubou being briefed by Youth Officer Eastern Iliesa Marawa on the completion of capital projects at Yavitu Training Centre.Photo:SUPPLIED.

The Hon. Minister for Youth and Sports Laisenia Tuitubou and senior officials at the ministry began a tour of Kadavu this week.

The tour is part of the Minister’s plan to complete the ongoing outreach and awareness programme, which had begun in the Western and Northern divisions which began late last year.

Minister Tuitubou during informal discussion with the villagers of Soso in Naceva, Kadavu informed them about the purpose of the ministry’s visit and urged them to work with government.

“We are here to listen to your needs and work towards ways we can improve our services for the young people and I urge that you work with us in order to achieve this,” he said.

“There is now a taskforce at the ministry looking at issues brought up during the outreach programs to assist the ministry gauge how effective its services are,” he added.

Minister Tuitubou told the youth leaders from the four villages in the district of Naceva to fully use the ministry’s programmes and services.

“I would like to urge youths to utilise the ministry’s services and programmes completely in order to guarantee your development and to become better decision makers in the future,” he said.

He reiterated government’s message on the need for inclusive efforts for the development of all people in the country.

“Government is proactive and is development inclusive to ensure that everyone is served and has access to all of government’s services and initiatives.”

The Minister also visited the proposed site for the new multi-purpose sporting complex in Vunisea and also visited the Ministry’s Yavitu training centre to inspect the completed capital projects at the centre.



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