The importance of youth entrepreneurship was yesterday emphasized to youths of Korovuto in Nadi during a workshop conducted by the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs.

While addressing close to 50 villagers of Korovuto, who were part of the ‘Sauvaki ni Vanua’ workshop which sees the instilling and strengthening of traditional iTaukei knowledge on young people, the Hon. Minister for Youth and Sports Laisenia Tuitubou spoke about the positives of having successfully managed income generating projects.

“Korovuto is a beautiful village and what is evident to all who pass by your village is the abundance of resources that are readily available to you and I wish to urge you to fully utilize your resources in order to venture successfully into income generating projects,” Minister Tuitubou said.

“There are a number of youth clubs in the country that have gone further from their initial income generating projects, which was government’s assistance to these youth clubs and they have identified ideal projects that are relevant to their locations which has ensured that income is always forthcoming.”

Minister Tuitubou also informed them of the ministry’s programmes and services which were targeted at bolstering youth entrepreneurial initiatives and development.

“There are also successful youth groups around the country that have wisely managed their profits from their projects due to continuous collaboration with the ministry because we offer services and programmes tailor made to suit your needs.

“The onus is on youths to come forward and utilize all these programmes in order to further the development of your community as well as your youth group,” Minister Tuitubou added.

Principal youth officer Western, Valami Naloga also stressed the crucial role youths played in the community.

“Young people are an integral part of the community and you have a crucial role in community development because in any sort of community development, youths are trusted to carry out these works,” Mr Naloga said.

Mr Naloga pointed out the importance of identifying sustainable income generating projects for youth clubs.

“These projects that you wish to undertake must be carefully thought out before you commit yourselves to it because your projects must be economically viable and sustainable to ensure that your efforts do not go to waste because as future leaders government is hugely reliant on youths and we are committed to your development.”

Korovuto youth club member Ratu Meli Finau praised the ministry for looking after the wellbeing of all youths in the country.

“I wish to thank the Hon. Minister for Youth and Sports and the ministry for showing firsthand the care taken by Government for youths of the country especially for us here in Korovuto,” Mr Finau said.

“We look forward to working closely with the ministry in order to realize our goals for the youth group and set up an ideal income generating project to boost our youths development.”

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