Rabi Island youth coordinator Peneri Nakarua has commended the Ministry of Youth and Sports for its decision to continue providing youth training and empowerment opportunities for the youth of Rabi.

Mr Nakarua was at Tukavesi village yesterday afternoon and met with the Minister for Youth and Sports Hon Laisenia Tuitubou. Here, he raised issues on behalf of the youth of Rabi and how the Ministry could assist in developing youth potential on the island.
“There are more than 700 youth in Rabi – these are those that are between 15 to 35 years old,” said Mr Nakarua.

“We are in urgent need of empowerment and mobile-skills trainings,” said Mr Nakarua. There are many school dropouts in Rabi and we need to be trained to help the youth move with time and are well equipped like the rest of youth around Fiji.”

“We also need to be trained in agriculture and fisheries – even though we are naturally gifted fishermen,” he added.

The Ministry’s permanent secretary Mr Josefa Sania said; “The ministry conducted training in Kioa last year and the ministry will ensure that a similar training to be held in Rabi later this year or later. This is to ensure that all Fijian youth receive equal services especially those in the maritime areas like Rabi Island.”

Mr Nakarua has also requested the Ministry if a playground could be developed in Uma village on the island. “I was really happy to hear from the Permanent Secretary that the ministry will bring the training opportunities to Rabi Island,” added Mr Nakarua.

Mr Sania told the Rabi youth worker that the ministry’s sports officials will have to visit Rabi to carry out a survey and determine the costs.



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