Youths for Community Service and Peace



The vision of greater and bigger things for the jet set town.

This is why World Peace Ambassador Roneel Prasad does what he does.

“I am motivated by a sense of ownership, this is Nadi and we all have to have a sense of responsibility for the place we grew up in,” Mr Prasad said while addressing a group of youths who have come together to organize projects for the Nadi town community.DSC_0169

The peace ambassador has urged youths to initiate community projects that would benefit the town.
Mr Prasad said his plan of forming a youth club that would be involved in such work is at its early stages.

“This is just the beginning, I have called together a number of youths and hopefully we can get a few more that will hold hands and undertake work such as cleaning out public places, helping to feed the poor, praying for children in hospitals and schools and just helping to bring out that feel good vibe.”

The idea was formed during the World Peace Day celebrations on September 21.

The group meets regularly at the Brothers Entertainment Centre in downtown Nadi to discuss on ventures to undertake.DSC_0177

Mr Prasad and his team of youths took a few hours recently to clean the Nadi Police Station and distribute food parcels to the homeless in town.

“We all want the chance to become something in life, this is where we start off, at the bottom of the ladder, if we want to become something big, we have to start with the small things,” he said.

The ambassador for peace said he was committed to registering a youth peace club that would engage youths in participating in community work and service.

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