Participants graduating from the Naqere Youth Training Centre in Savusavu receiving their tool kit and certificates from the Permanent Secretary for Youth and Sports Josefa Sania.



Fourteen participants from the Naqere Youth Training Centre graduated with certificates in small engine and fiberglass boat repair in Savusavu today.


Ministry of Youth and Sports permanent secretary Josefa Sania said the six weeks training had been successfully completed.


“The training was aimed at providing youths with the basic skills that the ministry believes will equip them in the upkeep of small engines and fibreglass as they return to their individual homes,” he said.


Mr Sania said participants had undergone four weeks of small engine repair training and two weeks of fiberglass boat repair training.


“The training was more than informative and helpful for the participants,” Mr Sania said.


Mr Sania said following their training, these village youths now had the opportunity to use their newly skills gained in income generating projects in their own homes and settlements.


Youth participant Pauliasi Masibana, 23, of Savusavu acknowledged the training provided by the ministry.


“In the village, once we drop out of school we think that it’s the end of it and we can’t earn a better living, but what we have learned in these six weeks is that we have skills and we are now fully trained to make use of them,” said Mr Masibana.


Participants were also presented with their very own ‘Take Away’ tools to enable them to actively continue with the newly gained skills.


Mr Sania said the tools were the ministry’s tangible investment in the young people.


“Therefore I urged them to utilise it well as it will allow them to repair their stroke engines in the village rather than having to take it to garages in towns for a much heftier price tag,” he said.

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