Participants and the organisers at the Breadfruit Symposium.


More attention is needed on the research of breadfruit and its products in order to fully capitalize the existing market potential.


The acting deputy secretary for Agriculture Development at the Ministry of Agriculture Miliakere Nawaikula made the comments as she opened the National Breadfruit symposium at Nadi’s Tokatoka resort today.


The symposium which is being organized by the Fiji Institute of Agricultural Science (FIAS) and the Pacific Breadfruit Project is part of the Ministry of Agriculture’s effort to increase local breadfruit production for food security and export.


“Breadfruit is an important crop not only for Fiji but the whole Pacific Island Countries. It is grown as a food security and an export crop,” Mrs Nawaikula said.


“Nature’s Way Cooperative has been exporting breadfruit to New Zealand since 2001 and exports have remained around 10-12 tonnes per year however, market potential exists for 200 tonnes annually.


“Apart of fresh fruit exports, breadfruit also has potential to be processed and there are numerous niche breadfruit based food products already available throughout the region. The fact that gluten free flour can be produced from breadfruit represents debatably the largest single market opportunity for the industry across the region.


“Symposiums like this one provides a platform to all those interested in advancing agriculture in Fiji, to coalesce and exchange vast practical experiences, innovative ideas and knowledge that will modernize Fiji’s Agriculture Sector Development internationally competitive standards.”


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