350.org Pacific Puts out A Plea For Sailing Boats

Canoe building in Federated States of Micronesia. Photo: SUPPLIED. 

 350.org Pacific is reaching out to anyone that can help them find sea- worthy sailing vessels that will transport 20 Pacific Climate Warriors and a number of small 2- man canoes, from the Pacific Islands to Sydney, Australia.

The Pacific Warriors hope to set sail from the Pacific in September for an October arrival in Sydney.

In April this year, 350.org teams across the Pacific began building traditional- style canoes to be used to send a clear, powerful message to the fossil fuel industry that they are prepared to stand up for the Pacific in the face of climate change.

“This journey will allow us to cross the geographic divide separating us from the source of emissions, and highlight the direct impacts of Australian fossil fuel extraction on us – their Pacific neighbors,” stressed 350.org Pacific Coordinator, Mrs. Koreti Tiumalu.

“The situation is clear, it’s either the fossil fuel industry backs down, or the Pacific Islands,” she added.

In order for this historic journey to be a reality, 350.org Pacific are now asking the international community to stand in support with the Pacific Climate Warriors.

“We know that this project is beyond what we can deliver on our own. We do not have the big bank accounts, big funders, or our own sailing boats.”

“What we do have, is a network of young courageous Pacific Islanders, ready to stand up peacefully but powerfully as Climate Warriors of the Pacific,” continued Tiumalu.

Upon arrival in Australia, the team of Pacific Climate Warriors is expected to spend some time connecting with local Pacific communities as well as the wider public, sharing their personal truths about climate change in the islands.

This generation of Pacific Climate Warriors will challenge the fossil fuel industry responsible for rising temperatures, rising sea levels, and increasing ocean acidification.

“We have the team of Pacific Climate Warriors, we have the canoes, all we need now are sailing boats and your help in securing that,” concluded Tiumalu.

If you or someone you know wants to help 350 Pacific, you can reach them by emailing pacific@350.org



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