Caption:  Fiji National University graduands. Photo: SUPPLIED


A total of 900 students graduated on Friday, April 25 at the Vodafone Arena, Suva with Vice chairman of the Fiji National University Council Mr Arvind Maharaj as chief guest.

It is an honor to see yet another large pool of young professionals ready and eagerly waiting to join the workforce. I wish to remind you that success comes through continued hard work, sacrifice and patience, “said Mr Maharaj.

Mr Maharaj added that apart from injecting more funds solely for financial provision, the government has also assisted FNU with a capital grant of just over four million dollars for the construction of a campus at Naiyaca, Labasa as well as groundwork development at its UniFarm project in Navua which is underway in terms of construction.

With the undertaking of inaugural programs, students who face transportation difficulties will now get the chance to achieve tertiary level qualification as the government has put in place accessible initiatives to cater for all students.

“The qualifications that you have attained are crucial to our nation’s development .Always remember the huge potential that you have as well as the responsibility which now rests on your shoulders as we all look to you as our future leaders, ”Mr Maharaj said.

Parents and guardians were also encouraged to not disregard the pivotal role they played in terms of being a solid support system for their children in the their path towards success.


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