Ruralites want more of FNU

Caption: Students of Waidina Secondary School interested in programmes offered by FNU. Photo:SUPPLIED.

A Fiji National University marketing team visiting Waidina Secondary School has been told that the University needs to have a more aggressive marketing strategy for rural areas.

“We are very happy with this visit but we request FNU to visit us once every term and not once a year.

Most of our students are not aware about the universities in towns, what they offer and what the requirements are,” said School Principal, Laolesh Chand.

Mr Chand most of his Fifth and Sixth formers will opt for tertiary education at FNU because the fees were reasonable.

“We find the fees at FNU reasonable and it is good to note that all different types of courses are offered by the University. But we can only take advantage of this if we are fully informed on all courses available and the procedures to be followed on time. We appreciate such valuable information session shared with us at our doorstep. At the end of the day, we want our students to get quality education,” said Mr Chand.

He requested that FNU provide the fee structure to schools during such visits so students can make an informed decision.

“This will help students choose the field they would like to enrol in. From our school roll of 250 students, only five or six have actually touched a computer/laptop. So you can imagine the need for us to educate our students and their interest in the field after leaving school.

Knowing the fees requirements would be very helpful,” said Mr Chand.

He said such visits were looked forward to not only by the schools in rural areas but by the whole community at large and there was a need for FNU to reach out to the people.

“We have ladies here who are interested in fashion and design courses, creative art, tourism and hospitality courses etc but we don’t have the information at hand and it is hard for the people to travel to towns and cities for courses. It would be better if we have such courses provided to us in our own locality. It is our humble request for FNU to look into these issues,” said Mr Chand.

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