Thirty years of enduring a bad road came to an end for pineapple farmers of the Tailevu village of Vatukarasa, 41 kilometres away from Nausori, after Fulton Hogan Hiways repaired the 1.4 kilometre farm feeder road to the village.
Works by Fulton Hogan Hiways on the road included the construction of a new water table, clearing of drainage, laying of three culverts and re-sheeting.

“It has been a thirty years struggle and I have been laboring all my life but seeing the Fulton Hogan Hiway’s team here today has brought unspeakable joy and a great relief to the farmers and also the villagers,” said pineapple farmer, Jiuta Bainivalu.

Mr. Bainivalu said that carriers and four-wheel drive vehicles were reluctant to collect the famers and their produce because of the bad road condition.

“Now the carrier can pick up our produce and we do not have to worry about waking up early and traveling the extra distance,” he said.

“Previously, it took me one hour to assemble my produce at the river banks by using bullocks pulling a sledge to transfer my produce. Then it took five to ten minutes to cross to other side of the Naitasiri River. From there I would get a carrier to take my produce to the market and also to my other clients.

“With the upgraded road I am already making plans to extend pineapple farm and my buy a new carrier to meet the weekly demand for my produce,” he said.

Fulton Hogan Hiways continues to service the road network in the more rural areas of the Central and North Divisions in support of the Fiji Roads Authority.


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