Animals Fiji Nadi Clinic facing closure – a crisis situation for humans and animals alike

The Animals Fiji Nadi Clinic (operated by the West Charity Trust Society—Fiji charity registration #889),which provides emergency care for sick animals and plays a vital role in the management and control of Fiji’s feral cat and dog populations has 3 months to find new land and premises to operate from or it will be forced to close.

Since its doors opened 2 years ago, the Nadi clinic has treated approximately 6,500 injured animals, rehomed 960 abandoned pets and has de-sexed around 2,300 cats and dogs.

Over this time it has established several outreach programs, where teams of volunteers are funded to travel to remote communities to control animal populations and to assist injured animals. These programs alone have reached over 20 communities and have led to 600 animals being de-sexed, meaning that over 7 million fewer puppies and kittens will be born.

The clinic plays a vital role in ensuring the health of Fijians and their animals.

It has until 12 June 2014 to find new land and premises and is fundraising to find the FJ$300,000 it needs to do this.

If the Clinic closes then the valuable out-reach programs will cease and there will be no pet doctor in the region, putting the lives of animals and the health of people at risk.

Animals Fiji needs your support. Please support this valuable resource by donating to the Nadi clinic or by going to


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