A 58 year old woman who was a passenger of a vehicle involved in a fatal accident at the beginning of this month has died at the Lautoka Hospital.

The victim died yesterday afternoon and a post mortem examination will be conducted to ascertain the cause of death.

The accident occurred on the 1st of April at Tagitagi, Tavua when a vehicle driven by a 49 year old whilst heading to Waikona with 5 other passengers went off the road and hit a culvert.

The same accident had earlier claimed the life of two of the 5 passengers.

The 49 year old driver is yet to be charged for any of the incidents as he has also since the accident on the 1st of April been admitted at the Lautoka Hospital as a result of injuries sustained. He will be questioned once approval is given by medical authorities.

Motorists are once again being urged to take caution over this long weekend and over the last 24 hours two of our main concerns regarding road behavior are once again surfacing.

From the Traffic operations conducted from 0600hrs on 18/4/14 to 0600hrs on 19/4/14 throughout the divisions, more than 200 drivers have been booked for speeding infringements.

211 drivers were booked for speeding, 10 for careless driving, and 5 for the offence of drunk and drive.

Traffic operations continue throughout the division and we are once again calling on all road users to comply with road rules so that we can make this Easter long weekend a safe and enjoyable one.







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