New Zealand’s fastest growing ethnic communities have yet another mode of entertaining coming their way; this is bigger and better which definitely beckons a smile.

Shah Group of Companies profoundly maintains its successful contribution to New Zealand’s radio fraternity through its radio network, Apna 990 AM and is now proud to announce yet another momentous achievement-Apna Television LTD.

Apna Television is New Zealand’s first 24/7 free to air Indian entertainment channel on digital free-view that provides live transmission from West City Henderson with test signal effective from 25 March 2014, and program proper going from the 29th of March, 2014. It is a national television that would have extensive public reach to almost all populated parts of New Zealand.

Hindi is the fourth major language spoken in New Zealand and Apna Television will be instrumental in bringing the language closer to homes.

The television will give viewers a lifetime dose of television with the mission of delivering vibrant, youthful and value-oriented television for the entire family, which is endearing, enriching and entertaining.

Apna television Ltd focuses on innovative concepts with a fresh approach. It creates a unique blend of entertainment, infotainment, news features and analysis through the medium of interactive reality shows, soaps, serials, movies, thrillers, musicals and many more!

Apna Television promises to be a mainstream television channel; yet in addition to an ever growing clientele, to keep operations to expanding the operations to include much more than ever thought!

The content would appeal to all segments of viewers by integrating the vibrant aspirations if the current generation with lasting values of our cultural heritage.

With an aim to provide contents that are of substantive quality and those that are highly desirable in today’s mainstream entertainment channel, Apna Television promises to deliver the bets now, and in the future of course through the love and support of our viewers, clients and the corporate sector.

Apna Television hopes to keep surprising viewers with the unique features of this channel and trust that Apna Television Ltd will truly be you’re “Apna” –truly yours in every sense of the word.




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