Members of the public are being requested not to abuse the use of the internet and electronic communication devices.

Acting Commissioner of Police Ravi Narayan says as the use of the internet and electronic communications have become more prevalent the likelihood of abuse also increases.

A recent case is before the courts where a man has been charged with more than 80 counts of annoying persons for allegedly sending abusive and seductive texts to a radio stations texting platform.

Yesterday a report was lodged at the Valelevu Police Station whereby a tertiary school student had found her Facebook profile photo was being used by another user sometimes last week.

The head of the Force says the Cyber Crime Unit based at the Criminal Investigations Department continues to undergo capacity building to deal with the number of reports whereby people are abusing modern day technology.

Members of the public are also being advised to take precautions as it can be easy for individuals who are innocent to get caught up in computer crime.

Such a case is before the courts where a tertiary school student was charged with one count of possession of property suspected of being proceeds of crime after she allegedly received more than $72,000 which was sent to her via internet banking by someone she had befriended online.

The Acting Commissioner says the Force is anticipating more reports of annoying persons to surface with the use of electronic devices, therefore advising people to consider their actions as it could be viewed by them as an innocent act, however be insensitive and derogative by the receiver.

The Cyber Crime Unit continues to receive reports of not only the abuse of social network sites but the abuse of mobile phones also.

Cases currently being investigated include the setting up of fake accounts of Facebook to the sending of abusive texts to even annoying persons by making dropped calls.

The Acting Commissioner has given his assurance that all efforts were being made in enhancing the Fiji Police Cyber Crime Unit to enable them to successfully investigate reports.



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