Bollywood Stars welcomed in Fiji


Caption: From left- Bula Desi Bollywood show manager Vineel Nand, choreographer Ganesh Hiwakar, promoter Anesh Mishra, actor Tusshar Kapoor, Fiji Airways staff Harshila Prasad, actress and model Zarine Khan, comedian Ali Asgar, and Manisha Mishra at the Nadi International Airport. Photo: ANUSHIL KUMAR.


Touching down at Nadi International Airport, the three Bollywood celebrities were given a warm welcome at the Airport earlier this morning, January 6.

Tusshar Kapoor, Zarine Khan and Ali Asgar were greeted by the show promoter Anesh Mishra, manager Vineel Nand and fans present at the Airport with bouquet.

Speaking to The Jet,superstar Kapoor said he is full of excitement and really looking forward to the two stimulating shows in Fiji.

“It’s great to be here with the great team. I always received a lot of messages on twitter, by emails from fans in Fiji so it gives us a great opportunity to actually meet them in-person,” an excited Kapoor said.

“I believe the show is happening after 10 to 12 years that is going to be an international Bollywood show, the Bula Desi Bollywood show, so it’s very exciting to be part of something that is so unique and something that is happening after so long. I’m just full of excitement.”

Indian actress and model, Zarine Khan also expressed her excitement upon arrival in Fiji for the first time ever.

“Since we have come here after so many years, people from Bollywood have come to Fiji, so as much as the people are looking forward to the show, we equally are excited and looking forward to the shows,” she stated.

While for comedian Ali Asgar, meeting his fans is the most exciting moment that he is waiting for.

“Even we are waiting to entertainment you people, we have traveled around almost a day to reach here and we are just waiting for date 9th and 10th when we could meet our fans,” said Ali Asgar, who is the ‘Daadi’ of the comedy nights with Kapil television show.

The first of the Bula Desi Bollywood show will be on Friday, January 9, at the Vodafone Arena in Suva while the second show will be at Prince Charles Park in Nadi on Saturday, January 10.





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