Castaway Island, Fiji was forced to close as a result of damage sustained from Severe Tropical Cyclone Evan in December 2012. Whilst structurally the bure accommodation and public areas were not too badly affected, the thatch on all bures and main buildings was blown away together with many trees and plants. In addition water and power reticulation was badly affected, those services being uprooted by the fallen trees.

Over the past three and a half months, a tremendous amount of work has been undertaken by all staff to restore the resort to its former glory. The private island resort will reopen, refreshed, enhanced and on time as promised, 31 March 2013.

Geoffrey Shaw, Chairman & CEO, retained all staff during the closure period, however their job descriptions were revised to assist the reinstatement works. “During the closure, all our staff have played a huge part and taken ownership in the reinstatement of their much loved island resort. The outcome we have achieved is truly remarkable and could not have been possible without their commitment and hard word from the start. However everyone now cannot wait to greet the first arriving guests at the end of this week.” he said.

All bures are now rethatched and many received new tapa lined ceilings and air conditioning units. All bures have been refreshed and refurbished in advance of the end of month reopening.

Hundreds of plants from the Castaway nursery and many hundreds more purchased ensure the palm fronds are swaying and the gardens are flourishing with lush tropical blooms throughout the resort.

Castaway’s white sand beaches retain their magnificence, as do the pristine coral gardens and reefs surrounding the island and beyond for swimmers, snorkelers and divers alike.

Reinvestment in the infrastructure of the resort over the closure period has run into many millions of dollars an d evidences the commitment shown by this Australian investor.

“We look forward to once again welcoming our guests back at the end of this month to enjoy the renowned warmth and genuine Fiji hospitality provided by all the Castaway family of staff.” said Mr Shaw.




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